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home® newsletter issue #3 september 2005

welcome to the® (mht) newsletter. this newsletter is a chance for the mht staff to share helpful information and updates with our clients. we hope that you find this newsletter beneficial as you continue to use®.

tip of the month

statistics for®

testimonial of the month


what's new at®?

website feature of the month

tip of the month

increase sales with mht

double your advertising potential by letting clients know that you are advertising online! mention your™ webpage in printed ads, flyers and brochures. use your answering machine message to direct clients to your page, this will give them immediate access to important information and save you from missing connections. save a link to your mht page and send it in emails to clients. use phases such as; "see our homes listings in color on" and "see more photos online" when referring clients to your webpage.

the most popular area of the website is the home search. use this to your advantage! put all your home listings up on the website and increase your chances of being included in this search. another way to increase your chances of being found in the home search is to include model homes, use the pictures and floor plans provided by the manufacturer.® statistics

august has continued the trend of a monthly increase in visitors to the website.

the following graph illustrates the growing number of consumers who have visited® in the past year.















































testimonial of the month™ is a perfect way to keep your shopping simple. your website is friendly and effective not to mention the wonderful service you provide! what a great opportunity to advertise 24 hours a day. thank you™ for making our advertising exciting and simple and shopping fun for our clients.

the staff at kme homes - kay, carrie, cheryl and sherri

please visit the testimonial page to see additional testimonials or to add your own.  


we will be featuring selected questions from users in each newsletter. please send any questions to:

q: what do i do if i cannot get a photo for a home i am selling?

a: while mht does put up a default photo if none is supplied, it is very important to include photos of your homes for sale. many consumers tend to pass over the listings that have no visual representation. there are several options available if you do not have photos, or if there will be a period before you are able to put photos up. floor plans are a great option to use in the place of absent photos, they can also be added to listings that already have photos. contact the manufacturer of the home you are listing to see if photos or floor plans are available. you may want consider placing photos of community facilities or surrounding areas until a home photo is available. but we want to encourage you to get photos up as soon as possible, and we encourage you to use all 6 photo spaces to give a well rounded view of a home, inside and out. the most frequent e-mails we receive to the site are requests to see home photos.

q: is it possible to advertise in states that are not listed on the mht website?

a: absolutely! we are always looking for more states to advertise in. we eventually plan to have advertisers in each state, and we are well on our way to reaching this goal. we receive calls on a regular basis from consumers looking for homes in their state. if you have locations in other states please talk with us about expanding your advertising.

if you ever have a problem that needs immediate attention, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at, or call us at (810) 632-0600. no question is too small; we want to be aware of any quirks as soon as possible and keep the site running smoothly.

what is new at®?

there are several new features this month that we would like to point out:

mht has gone national with banner ads! due to the fact that mht has expanded into additional states, we have revamped our banner ad program. advertisers now have the choice of appearing in both the national market and individual states. this allows banner advertisers the flexibility to reach the market that best suits their business. visitors to the site homepage and general information pages will see national banner ads; visitors to individual state pages will see the banner ads for that particular state. for example, when a site visitor is in the michigan area of the website, michigan banner ads will be displayed. when a visitor is in the ohio area of the website, ohio banners ads will be displayed, etc. we currently offer banner ads in the following active states: michigan, ohio, indiana, arizona, colorado, california, virginia, florida, oregon and texas, with more anticipated in the near future. please call 810-632-0600 for a price quote if you would like to add banner ads to your online advertising!

mht has added red cross banners on the website for hurricane katrina relief. if your company has found unique ways to help hurricane katrina victims, please let us know and we will share it in the next newsletter.

mht protects your email address from spammers. you may have noticed that your email address no longer appears on the website, there is now a link to your email address instead. this new format was implemented due to the increasing use of programs that scan websites to pick up email addresses. this new feature hides your email address from spammers but allows consumers to reach you just as easily as before.

website feature of the month

we have added a new link, "send to a friend" on all home listing pages. this feature is an easy way to send an email about a home to someone, with a link back to the home listing page you have sent it from.

use the "send to a friend" feature as an advertising tool. this new feature is not just for consumers, there are several ways that it can be used for selling homes. use it to send clients homes they might be interested in, or to notify clients of new listings with features they are looking for. after you have put a listing up, use the "send to a friend" feature to email the client who has the home listed with you so they can see their home advertised online at™.

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