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sample gold community advertising page

note: not shown actual size.
sample is for illustration purposes only. actual appearance will vary based on information entered.
gold community exampleupgraded 'gold community advertising page' offer consumers more information than the 'silver community advertising page'

  • community name, address, phone number, fax number, county, and school district
    if community is adult 55+, can choose 'adult 55+' instead of school district
  • map quest link
    makes it easy for people to find your location and print out driving directions
  • type of community
    family or adult 55+
  • monthly lot rent
    can enter lot rent or 'call for lot rent rates'
  • description
    an area to provide information about your community, such as hours, special features and more; 'gold community advertising page' offers unlimited space to enter information
  • website link
    a link to your website brings more traffic to your website
  • direct email link
    this provides an easy way for consumers to reach you to ask questions about your community. when a prospect clicks the email link, they will get a form to fill out with a space for their name, phone number, and a text area to type in their inquiry. they do not see your email address until you email them back. not having your email address listed directly on the website protects your email address from spammers
  • community logo
    the community logo is a clickable link to your website, bringing more traffic to your website
  • community photo
    use this single photo to highlight your community's best feature, people love to see photos when shopping for a place to live, so show them what a nice community you offer! photo can be updated at any time by logging into client access
  • community features
    you can easily select the various features that describe your community from a checklist of over 100 of the most popular amenities
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