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home® newsletter issue #12

this newsletter is a chance for the mht staff to share helpful information and updates with our clients. we hope that you find this newsletter beneficial as you continue to use®.

what is new at®?

tip of the month


trivia challenge

what is new at®?

welcome new clients

mht would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new clients:

thank you for joining®!

make sure that you sign into the client access area to explore all the ways to change your page and listings:

  • add/update/remove your home listings on the® site
  • look over advertising information for®
  • update company information
  • photo and document uploads
  • find printable listing sheets
  • add, update or delete users

free username upgrade

if you are an advertiser with both community and retailer advertiser pages, you can now get an updated password that will give you access to both your retailer and community profile with one user name. please contact us if you would like to take advantage of this free upgrade to your account.

indiana/michigan classic home show® was a sponsor of the indiana/michigan classic and also had a booth at the show. if you missed us there, be sure visit the mht classic page for discounts that were offered at the show for new advertising. we have extended the time you can take advantage of these promotions through the end of november.

billing news

mht is now offering 50% off pricing for any web site service paid for 12 months in advance. to take advantage of this new cost saving benefit, please see your invoice for details or call 810-632-0600.

home listing form suggestions

congratulations to joan rossman of j. rossman and associates, who was the winner of our suggestion box drawing featured in the last newsletter. joan will recieve a $25 gift certificate to apply to her next invoice.® would like to thank everyone who submitted input for the new listing forms. these helpful suggestions will be reflected in the next version of listing forms, which will be coming out soon!

we have implemented one change on the listings forms right away; the square footage and dimensions fields are no longer linked. previously when you filled in a dimension, the square footage was figured automatically. this is no longer the case.

now you can enter whatever numbers you choose in either or both the square footage and dimensions fields. this alleviates the problem of homes that have a particular dimension, but the square footage is different because of tags or expandos. plus some companies like to enter the square footage as the interior square footage, whereas when the program multiplied the exterior dimensions, the square footage result did not reflect the interior square footage.

we look forward to announcing the other new changes we are adding to the listings forms in the next newsletter!

tip of the month

update photos for the season

the most important part of home listing is the photo. it is well worth the time and effort to go out and take several pictures of each home. to make the homes look as attractive as possible pay attention to the composition of your photos. it is a good idea to post pictures that reflect the appropriate season; thus giving the impression that the home listing is up to date. visit our photo tips in the client access area for ideas on taking good photos.


we will be featuring selected questions from users in each newsletter. please send your questions to:

q: i am having trouble with my photos displaying properly. i put up a listing with a photo, and then went back and added more photos later, but they are not showing up on the website. why?

a: we determined the problem in this case was incorrectly named files. it is very important that you name photos according to a certain protocol. all photo file names should only contain the underscore, letters, and/or numbers. using dollar signs ($), pound signs (#), spaces, dashes and other symbols can cause multiple photos to display incorrectly or not at all. the programming behind the website will view these other symbols as �code� and thus will not recognize the file name as a photo. often you can get away with naming one photo like this, but the problems start when you add multiple photos with symbols in the file name.

other things that can cause photo and artwork problems:

  • a very long file name (limit file names to 15 characters)
  • the wrong type of file (must be a .jpg or .gif only - a .jpg displays the best for photos, while a .gif is the best for art such as floor plans and artist�s renderings)
  • incorrect size � the best size for photos is 900x600 pixels at 72 dpi, this way people can click to view a larger photo version
  • incorrect proportions � if you insert a tall, skinny photo, or a wide, short photo, the website will stretch it to fit into the 300x200 rectangular photo space, which will cause distortion; visit these directions for resizing photos.

    if you ever have a problem that needs immediate attention, please do not hesitate to e-mail us, or call us at (810) 632-0600. no question is too small; we want to be aware of any quirks as soon as possible and keep the site running smoothly.

    trivia challenge

    q. who is the average manufactured home owner based on stats of age, income, family size and employment status? enter your guess based on your own experience in the industry, and see how your guess matches up to the stats.

    click here to enter your guess. answer revealed in the next newsletter.

    last month's question:

    q. what is the average sale price for a manufactured home?

    a. according to the manufactured housing institute the average sale price of a manufactured home is $58,100.

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