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home® newsletter issue #10

this newsletter is a chance for the mht staff to share helpful information and updates with our clients. we hope that you find this newsletter beneficial as you continue to use®.

what is new at®?

tip of the month


trivia challenge

what is new at®?

new pages on®

there is now a
manufactured home state association page on®. this page lists the contact information for each manufactured home association. bookmark this page so you can always have this information at your fingertips.

the new industry overview page lists the advantages of manufactured housing.

welcome new clients

mht would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new clients:

thank you for joining®!

make sure that you sign into the client access area to explore all the ways to change your page and listings:

  • add/update/remove your home listings on the® site
  • look over advertising information for®
  • update company information
  • photo and document uploads
  • find printable listing sheets
  • add, update or delete users

tip of the month

makeover your description fields

there a few things you can do in your "description field" in both your company profile and your home listings to enhance your listings, such as make part of the text a different color, bold text or add breaks so that all your words will not be one big block of text.

add breaks in text:
to force text to break to the next line, put this sign <br> where you want the break to occur:

for example:

    sales office open: monday - friday 9:00 - 5:00
can be changed to look like this:
    sales office open:
    monday - friday
    9:00 - 5:00
by adding this code:
    sales office open: <br>
    monday - friday<br>
    9:00 - 5:00<br>
if you want to skip a line, add the <br> in twice

this is also useful for breaking up large amounts of text into a paragraph form so it is easier to read. people tend to scan over large blocks of text when reading online, so make it easy for them to read all the information in the description field by breaking it up.

change font color to red in your description field:
you can also have some of your text in the description field red, use this code to change it:<font color=red>red</font>
it is important that you open and close this code before and after the text you want in red. <font color=red> opens or starts the text effect, and </font> closes it

<font color=red>now this text is red</font>

bold your description text:
if you want to make your text bold, you can use this code: <b> and </b>
it is important that you open and close this code before and after the text you want bold. <b> opens or starts the text effect and </b> closes it

<b>now this text is bold</b>

make your description text larger:
if you want to make your text in the description field larger, you can use this code: <big> and </big>
it is important that you open and close this code before and after the text you want enlarged. <big> opens or starts the text effect, and </big> closes it

<big> now this text is bigger</big>

more tips:
if you have text and/or special formatting that you always want to enter into each home listing description field, type it out, and put in the formatting code if needed, so that you can just cut and paste it into each listing, then save it in a document on your desktop so it is easily available for copying and pasting.

when preparing to list homes, if you are going to type in a lot of text in the description field, and you want to make sure you have no typos, type the text into a word document first, so it is spell-checked, then copy and paste it into your description field.

if you run into any trouble with these tips, first check to see if you typed the code right, next make sure you use the close code to end the text effect. if you need help implementing these tips, please call me at 810-632-0100 or 810-632-0600 and ask for jane.


we will be featuring selected questions from users in each newsletter. please send any questions to:

q: what are some resources that home buyers can use to learn more about manufactured homes on®?

a: before a new home buyer starts searching through home listings on® they may want to learn more about the process and advantages of buying a manufactured home.® was designed with this in mind. there are many ways that home buyers can educate themselves about buying a manufactured home. there is the faq page which a compilation of questions and answers about manufactured homes. home buyers can narrow down the most important features that they are looking for in a home with the home buyers worksheet. the financing tools worksheet allows potential home buyers to list all of their expenses and work out how much they will have left for a down payment and monthly payments. the mortgage calculator is another tool to help home buyers get a better grasp on how they will finance their new home. take a look at these features so that you can refer clients to these helpful tools if needed.

if you ever have a problem that needs immediate attention, please do not hesitate to e-mail us, or call us at (810) 632-0600. no question is too small; we want to be aware of any quirks as soon as possible and keep the site running smoothly.

trivia challenge

q. how many times does the average american move in a lifetime?

click here to enter your guess. answer revealed in the next newsletter.

last month's question:

q. what is the most popular paint color for american homes?

a. according to realty time magazine, the choices are, in order, white, gray, blue, tan or brown, cream, beige, green, yellow and red. of those, the overwhelmingly most popular house painting color is white, with over 37 percent of all homeowners stating that if they were repainting a house, they would choose white. gray is the second most popular color. the reason? lighter colors brighten a house and make it seem more spacious.

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