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glossary of industry terms

manufactured home
a home built in a controlled, factory environment on a permanent chassis that is designed to be used with or without a permanent foundation when connected to the required utilities. manufactured homes are built to the federal manufactured home construction safety standards enforced by the department of housing and urban development (hud) in washington, d.c. manufactured homes are single story and are delivered to the home site in one, two, or occasionally, three sections; they may be placed on private property or in a manufactured home community.

hud code
the department of housing and urban development's code that regulates the home's design and construction, strength and durability, transportability, fire resistance, energy efficiency and quality control. it also sets stringent performance standards for the heating, plumbing, air-conditioning, thermal and electrical systems. the hud code specifically pre-empts local building codes as they relate to construction codes for manufactured homes. these homes usually have a steel frame that supports the weight of the floor system and walls. the steel frame acts as the chassis to which axles, wheels and brakes are attached for transit to its final resting site. it should be noted for most of the 1990's, the energy efficiency of hud-code homes exceeded the efficiency standards of state of michigan pre-manufactured (or so-called state coded modular homes) and conventional site-built homes. today, the state has upgraded its efficiency standards to meet or exceed hud, but that will change once the manufactured housing improvement act of 2002 is implemented in 2005.

state pre-manufactured or "modular home"
factory-built homes that begin as components and are designed, engineered and assembled in a controlled factory environment. these homes are built to the state of michigan residential building code. this is the same code that is used to construct any conventional site-built home. components come together at the building site and the home is completed by a licensed builder under standards enforced by state and local agencies. modular homes may be one- or two-story dwellings and are placed primarily on private property; some may be placed in land-leased communities.

state pre-manufactured or "frame on modular"
a home built to the state of michigan residential building code that incorporates a steel i-beam frame. these were built in the late 1970's and 1980's and are seeing resurgence in popularity. the advantages are that the steel frame gives more structural integrity to the floor system and does not warp. a familiar inspector or appraiser will often confuse these homes, "state pre-manufactured," with a hud-code "manufactured" home. the difference between these homes is the code under which they are constructed. a steel frame has nothing to do with the code or tags that are on the home.

boca code
in michigan, state pre-manufactured (modular) homes are designed, built and regulated to adhere to the state of michigan residential building code. state pre-manufactured homes are often referred to as boca code homes, but this is an outdated term. since july 2001, michigan has mandated one state-wide building code that is, for the major part, the same as the international code, and properly called the state of michigan residential building code. building officials and code administrators international, inc. is the oldest of three "model" codes used in the united states. site-built and modular homes previously fell under this code, which is still used by states in the midwestern and eastern parts of the country. modular homes may be one- or two-story dwellings and are placed only on private property.

manufactured home communities
private land developed as home sites for manufactured homes. in michigan, most sites are leased to the homeowner for a monthly fee. sometimes referred to as a land-lease community.

single-section home
a manufactured home delivered to the home site in one, intact section; the average square footage is 1,120 square feet.

multi-section home
a manufactured home delivered to the home site in two or three sections. the average square footage is 1,715 square feet, but may be as large as 2,400. may have a (site-built) garage attached after the home is installed.

licensed, professional seller of manufactured homes. assists in arrangement for financing, and has home installed on home site and prepared for move-in.

site-built housing
housing constructed at the home site, exposed to the elements, but may consist of modules of pre-assembled parts like trusses, doors, windows and pre-cast basement wall panels.

 information courtesy of the:
michigan manufactured housing association
2222 association drive � okemos, mi 48864-5978
telephone: 517.349.3300

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